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Feedback/Suggestions / Re: Cyril "Snowy" Elliott deta...
Last post by AndrewRLP - 22 May, 2024, 11:25:43 PM
Quote from: Max Turner on 03 March, 2024, 02:15:51 PMDoes the site intend to add country league stats eventually? If not, or perhaps in the meantime, is it possible to assign a player to a country club season by season to keep track of player movements outside of Sydney? The Country rep teamlists would then include which club each player was selected from in the same way Sydney clubs are listed on rep games.
Ideally I'd love to have CRL games on the site and have already started reaching out to get basic info such as History and Fate of each group and all the competing sides and the years they played, as well as their fates as well.

We need that info before we can go any further with results etc, but that info alone would be more than what is available anywhere.
Feedback/Suggestions / Re: 1935 South Sydney players
Last post by GregRLP - 20 May, 2024, 11:40:58 PM
Thanks Max all now updated.
Feedback/Suggestions / Re: 1935 South Sydney players
Last post by Max Turner - 20 May, 2024, 09:01:34 PM
Some more Souths players:
- Fred Blann was born in Surry Hills, NSW.
- Jim Deeley: surname seems to be Deeley in newspaper articles, but Deely in records. Born 28 July 1910 in Sydney, NSW, died 27 March 1986. His full name on his birth and death records is James Francis Deely, whereas his electoral rolls and military record lists James William Deely. SSR Almanac has his full name as James Francis William Deely.
- Charlie Fennell, born 12 January 1904 in Waterloo, NSW, died 22 July 1970. His full name was Charles William James Fennell.
- Harry Finch's full name was Harry Alfred Finch.
- Sid Harris' date of death should be 30 September 1965, instead of the 29th.
- John Kollias, born 17 May 1912 in Marrickville, NSW, died 16 September 1954. Full name was John Edwin Kollias, and was known as Jack. He died of an accident while serving with the Army in Kure, Japan.
- Vic Moses, born 13 August 1911 in Narrabri, NSW, died 9 December 1987. Full name was Victor John Moses.
- Arthur Potter, born 28 February 1910 in New Zealand (Mangaweka), died 8 November 1984. Full name was Arthur Augustus Potter.
- Sid Sampson, born 3 February 1909 in Sydney, NSW, died 18 September 1984. Full name was Sidney Alfred Gladstone Sampson.

- Albert Spillane should be Arthur. Born 20 December 1902 in Newtown, NSW, died 29 June 1983. Full name was Arthur William Spillane, and his nickname was Buller.
- George Treweek was born in Adelong, NSW. His death date should be 29 October 1991 instead of the 28th. Full name was Albert George Treweek.

- Just a comment on the spelling of his surname: It seems the family name was originally Treweek, which is the spelling on George's birth record. His electoral registration was originally Treweek, but later became Treweeke. Treweeke is used on his death record. Without knowing George's opinion, I wouldn't necessarily call Treweeke an incorrect spelling, just a variation.
Feedback/Suggestions / Re: 1935 Canterbury players
Last post by AndrewRLP - 20 May, 2024, 05:45:51 PM
The Wellington from Leeton was sometimes referred to as being A.Wellington and J.Wellington and is definitely not the same as the Sydney player.
Feedback/Suggestions / Re: Interesting collection of ...
Last post by AndrewRLP - 20 May, 2024, 04:36:27 PM
Amazing finds Max. I just updated these.