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Sydney Tigers v Cronulla Parramatta Stadium April 21, 1996

Started by Paul Carter, 10 November, 2022, 03:09:11 PM

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Paul Carter

I just thought I would let you know. In the game between the Sydney Tigers and Cronulla at Parramatta Stadium on April 21, 1996.
-That Andrew Ettingshausen was the Channel 9 Optus Man of the Match.
-The Sydney Tigers Lead 14-6 at Halftime.
-Andrew Ettingshausen was Cronulla Captain.
-Sorry to point this out. I notice that you have Ellery Hanley as Sydney Tigers Captain for this game.
-Ellery Hanley did not Captain the Sydney Tigers for this game.
-Paul Sironen was Sydney Tigers Captain for this game Instead of Hanley.
-Also for the Sydney Tigers. You have Bernard Wilson Wearing No. 8. Wes Patten Wearing No. 14. Mark O'Neill Wearing No. 15. Corey Pearson Wearing No. 16. Sean McVean Wearing No. 17.
-While for Cronulla. You have David Peachey Wearing No. 1.
-Wilson Wore No. 16. When he played Front-Row for the Sydney Tigers in that game.
-Patten Wore No. 17. O'Neill Wore No. 14. Pearson Wore No. 15. McVean Wore No. 27. When they all came off the Bench for the Sydney Tigers in that game.
-Peachey Wore No. 18. When he played Fulback for Cronulla in that game.