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Penrith v Canterbury Penrith Park July 12, 1970

Started by Paul Carter, 16 November, 2022, 03:15:06 PM

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Paul Carter

I just thought I would let you know. In the game between Penrith and Canterbury at Penrith Park on July 12, 1970.
-That Canterbury Lead 15-10 at Halftime.
-The Scrums were 21-9 Penrith's way.
-The Penalties were 18-10 Penrith's way.
-Canterbury Player Barry Phillis was Sent Off.
These are the Teams from that game.
Penrith: Ern Gillon, Reg Hatton, Mal McMartin, Grahame Moran, Bob Landers, Ian McKechnie, Laurie Fagan (Captain), Lock: Phil Kliendienst, Second-Row: Rod Elliott, Gary Harvey, Front-Row: Bruce Delaney, Bruce Ward, Hooker: Bob Goodsell.
Canterbury: Les Johns, Peter Inskip, Ray Strudwick, Dennis Scahill, Johnny Rhodes, Alan Burwell, Les Hutchings, Lock: Ron Raper (Captain), Second-Row: Neville Hornery, Ron Costello, Front-Row: Dennis Manteit, Merv Hicks, Hooker: Barry Phillis. Bench: Norm Thomas, Ray Payne.
-Johns Wore No. 14. When he played Fulback for Canterbury in that game.
-Inskip Wore No. 1. Rhodes Wore No. 5. When they both played Winger for Canterbury in that game.
-Strudwick Wore No. 2. Scahill Wore No. 19. When they both played Centre for Canterbury in that game.
-Burwell Wore No. 3. When he played Five-Eigth for Canterbury in that game.
-Phillis Wore No. 25. When he played Hooker for Canterbury in that game.
-Thomas Wore No. 22. Payne Wore No. 24. When they both came off the Bench for Canterbury in that game.
-Also refer to roofromoz post from August 8, 2021. In regards to starting time from this game as well.