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Gray brothers

Started by Max Turner, 19 May, 2023, 06:59:28 PM

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Max Turner

- Albert Gray should be Bert Gray (Albert is an error. His full name is Alfred Bert Gray, oddly enough, and he was known as Bert). His date of death should be 17 December 1967. A note for Bert: Gray served in Europe with the 5th Pioneer Battalion during WWI. By the end of the war, he had been promoted to sergeant and was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for his efforts.

- Arthur Gray was better known as Paddy Gray, though his full name was Arthur Thomas Gray. He was born 12 June 1892 in Glebe, NSW, and died on 19 July 1977. A note for Paddy: Gray also played first-class cricket for NSW.

- Frank Gray was born 22 October 1905 in Glebe, NSW, and died on 13 August 1993.

- Bert, Paddy, and Frank were brothers.

Max Turner

    Certainly, the 1926-29 Glebe and St George Frank Gray is the brother of Bert and Paddy.

    However, I suspect that the 1920-22 Wests and St George player is a different person, also named Frank Gray, for several reasons:
    • The first article I could find mentioning the three as brothers is from 1926.
    • There's the 3 season absence from 1923-1925 that makes me suspect it's a different person, but it's also possible they went to play in the country.
    • From 1926, Frank is playing in the forwards where the earlier games were as a half/three quarter.
    • If it's all the same person, then Frank made his debut in 1920 at the age of 14 years and ~9 months, which would be a record by over 12 months.
    • I think it makes sense that the Frank Gray of this family would start his career at Glebe in 1926 (at a much more reasonable age of 20).


I have updated the Gray brothers and reassigned all the 1920-1922 to a different Frank Gray.