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Round 20 1982 Illawarra V Canterbury

Started by Ted Baxter, 23 January, 2024, 12:46:47 AM

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Ted Baxter

3. Farrar incorrect should be 14. Neil Baker
8. Folkes incorrect should be 3. Andrew Farrar
9. Baker incorrect should be 8. Steve Folkes

Holdsworth wore 19
Additional replacement 22. Paul Elliott

Source for all but Elliott


Hi Ted,

What is your source for Paul Elliott?

Ted Baxter

OK so I looked back at my 1982 book which I originally did in 1982. I didn't have Elliott listed back then so I must have added him when I re-did 1982 just over 12 months ago. It would have been from a newspaper, magazine or footage (which could have been later in the season showing highlights of the season. The number 22 is a number I assigned to him, so that bit is unknown (I have it on my list to find if possible)


I checked the Illawarra Mercury and it states in the match report that Paul Elliot took the field as a replacement so you are correct and I have updated RLP.