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1934-35 North Sydney players

Started by Max Turner, 02 April, 2024, 11:11:47 PM

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Max Turner

- John Abel was born in Paddington, NSW. His full name was John McNab Abel.
- Bill Brewer (North Sydney) was born 3 October 1906 in Maitland, NSW and died on 7 October 1996. His full name was William James Brewer.
- Noel Ferrier was born 31 December 1913 in Marrickville, NSW and died on 18 November 2001.
- Harry Forbes was born in Leichhardt, NSW.
- Ray Gillam was born in Berry, NSW. His full name was John Raymond Gillam.
- Rex Harrison's date of death should be 25 July 1996, instead of the 26th.
--Sidenote: His son Peter Harrison (North Sydney) was born 27 July 1941 in North Sydney, NSW and died in 2024. His full name was Peter John Harrison.
- Bob Izzard was born 11 January 1914 in Chatswood, NSW, and died on 1 June 1969. His full name was Robert Hector Izzard.
- A Lyons was known as Bert Lyons.
- Jack McDonough was born 14 July 1915 in St Leonards, NSW, and died on 14 September 1986. His full name was John Ignatius McDonough.
- Stan Ridgway's DOB should be 7 August 1913 in St Leonards, NSW. It appears the incorrect date (8 Aug 1915) was taken from his military file. The correct date is listed on his birth record and on his grave marker.
- Chris Schiemer's full name was Christopher Daniel Schiemer. He was born 2 July 1907 in Coolah, NSW, and died on 1 October 1981.
- E Stanwell was Eric Stanwell. He was born 21 May 1910 in Chatswood, NSW, and died on 11 August 1966. His full name was Eric George Stanwell.
- Roy Thompson was born in Trundle, near Condobolin, NSW. His full name was Roy Macgregor Thompson. His date of death should be 9 March 2001.
- V Beaumont was Vern Beaumont. He was the brother of T Beaumont.
- J Campbell was Jim Campbell.
- Ron Eaton was born 28 January 1909 in St Leonards, NSW, and died on 13 May 1960. His full name was Harry Ronald Eaton. He was also a first-class cricketer for NSW.
- Gordon Fletcher was born in Parkes, NSW. His full name was Gordon Thomas Fletcher.
- Ron Luscombe was born 17 June 1913 in Mosman, NSW, and died on 6 December 1977. His full name was Ronald Arthur Luscombe.
- Frank McGuren was born 15 October 1909 in Grafton, NSW, and died on 13 June 1990. His full name was Francis William McGuren. He was the MP for Cowper from 1961 to 1963.
- Edward Shepherd's date of death should be 6 January 1935, instead of the 5th.
- K Small (North Sydney) was Ken Small.


Ted Baxter

I can confirm the Bert Lyons bit (see attached) from RL News V17 N9 p20