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1935 University players

Started by Max Turner, 14 April, 2024, 08:54:19 PM

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Max Turner

- A Beckhouse was Arthur Beckhouse. He was born 17 February 1913 in Armidale, NSW, and died on 18 July 1966. His full name was Arthur George Beckhouse. He died in Port Vila, Vanuatu.
- John Beckley was born in Woollahra, NSW. His full name was John Kevin Beckley, and his nickname was Jack.
- Anthony Blomgren was born 22 November 1915 in Newtown, NSW, and died on 26 July 1984. His full name was Anthony James Blomgren, and his nickname was Tony.
- Russell Cooper was born 12 March 1914 in Redfern, NSW, and died on 3 April 1985. His full name was Russell Marsden Cooper.
- John Elliott should be Jack Elliott. He was born 12 February 1912 in Nowra, NSW, and died on 15 January 2004. His full name was Jack Raymond Elliott.

- Frank Freeman was born 9 October 1913 in Ashfield, NSW, and died on 30 June 1996. His full name was Frank William Freeman.
- Frank Learmonth was born 21 June 1914 in Barmedman, NSW, and died on 7 November 1992. His full name was Frank Malcolm Learmonth.
- Bill McCulloch was born 26 November 1913 in Tamworth, NSW, and died on 16 June 2002. His full name was William Edward McCulloch.
- Tom McInerney was born 25 September 1909 in Gundagai, NSW, and died on 6 March 1985. His full name was Thomas Bernard McInerney.
- Charles McKay was born 6 May 1910 in Balmain, NSW. His full name was Charles Stanislaus McKay.

- James Marks was born 14 May 1914 in Grafton, NSW, and died on 6 June 2000. His full name was James Thomas Marks.
- Michael Moran was born 2 April 1913 in Bowraville, NSW, and died on 18 December 1970. His full name was Michael Benjamin Moran. His nickname was Mick. He was selected for the Wallabies in 1938 but missed the match due to injury.
- Frank Nethery was born 30 May 1914 in Redfern, NSW, and died on 23 September 2010. His full name was Francis George Nethery.
- Trevor Newcombe was born 10 April 1914 in Paddington, NSW, and died on 31 October 1937. His full name was Trevor Anthony Newcombe.
- Frank O'Hara was born 20 May 1911 in Sydney, NSW, and died on 22 December 1942. His full name was William Francis O'Hara. He was killed in action in New Guinea.

- Phil Parsonage was born 6 July 1912 in Woollahra, NSW, and died on 18 October 1985. His full name was Philip Arthur Parsonage.
- Harry Ratcliffe was born 2 January 1917 in Woollahra, NSW, and died on 1 January 1997. His full name was Henry Stephen Ratcliffe.
- Leo Reddy was born 22 November 1910 in Murrumburrah, NSW, and died on 10 January 1985. His full name was Leo George Reddy.
- Leslie Sender was born 12 May 1914 in Redfern, NSW, and died on 13 August 2007. He was the brother of Isidor Sender.
- Greg Sullivan was born 17 December 1910 in Glebe, NSW, and died on 13 September 1986. His full name was Gregory Thomas Aloysius Sullivan.

- Dennis Treacy was born 1 July 1915 in Randwick, NSW, and died on 23 July 1988. His full name was Dennis Edward Treacy.
- Roy Turner was born 16 March 1915 in Berry, NSW, and died on 4 January 1995. His full name was Roy Leo Patrick Turner. He was also a first grade cricketer for Sydney University, and was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for services to cricket in 1982.
- Hugh Willis was born 11 March 1911 in Wagga Wagga, NSW, and died on 6 April 1995. His full name was Hugh Shiel Willis. His grave states that his nickname was Sam. I suspect he is also S Willis who played for University in 1933. There is evidence that S Willis was known as Sam (1), and S Willis receives mentions in 1934 and 1935 even though we have these games allocated to Hugh (2, 3, 4).
- Keith Willis was born 15 March 1915 in Suva, Fiji, and died on 27 April 1958. His full name was Keith Albert Willis. (no relation to Hugh Willis)

Ted Baxter

Thanks, Max. That helps me.

Sullivan was listed as C.Sullivan in round 2 1936 & G.Sullivan in subsequent rounds.

Did you find anything for M.Timbs who played in 1937 in the City Cup?

Max Turner

I'd suggest M Timbs was Maurice Timbs. He appears in university examination results which were published in the newspapers during that period. His details are available here: Maurice Carmel Timbs, born 14 July 1917 in Glen Innes, NSW, died 6 December 1994.


Thanks Max I have now updated all of these.

@Ted Baxter Greg Sullivan is a bit of a weird one in 1931 to 1933 he was a hooker in 1934 he only played reserve & 3rd grade always in the backs or 5/8 in 1935 he played his 3 1st grade games as a lock but seemed to have played wing in reserve grade in 1936 as C Sullivan he played wing in 1st grade then as G Sullivan also wing in reserves.

Is this G Sullivan the same person 1931-1936 or 2 different people 1931-1933 & 1934-1936?

Max Turner

Some more University players from this period:
- Bill Brewer was born in Maitland, NSW.
- Griffith Duncan, born 22 July 1914 in Kurri Kurri, NSW, died 15 April 1988. Full name was Griffith Hammond Duncan. He was the brother of Rees Duncan Sr and uncle of Rees Duncan.
- Geoff Gartner, born 16 June 1913 in Canterbury, NSW, died 10 June 1999. Full name was Geoffrey Louis Gartner.
--Geoff was a first cousin of Joe Gartner, and therefore a first cousin, once removed of Ray, Clive, Keith, and Jim Gartner, and a first cousin, twice removed of Daniel and Russel Gartner.
--On Joe Gartner's profile, Jim should be Joe's nephew, not his son.

- Jim Gregan, born 3 June 1911 in Maclean, NSW, died on 3 June 1964. Full name was Owen James Gregan.
- Ross McKinnon's DOB should 12 April 1914 in Oberon, NSW.
- Rod O'Loan's full name should be Roderick John Charles O'Loan.
- Frank O'Rourke was born 18 January 1906 in Morpeth, near Maitland, NSW. He is the same person as AF O'Rourke who played for Other Nationalities (Frank was playing for Leeds at this time)
-- The 1921-22 Balmain fullback appears to have been a different person, J O'Rourke. Frank would've been aged 15-16 at this time.

- R Pedler was Rex Pedler, born 12 January 1913 in Adelaide, SA, died on 24 January 1943. Full name was Rex Angus Arthur Pedler. Pedler was discharged from the RAAF as medically unfit in September 1942 and subsequently died of tuberculosis four months later.
- D Peel was Don Peel, born 19 March 1912 in Sydney, NSW, died on 2 September 1970. Full name was Donald Alfred Peel.
- L Trives was Leslie Trives, born 23 October 1909 in Woollahra, NSW, died on 23 September 1963. Full name was Leslie John Trives.

- Frank Spillane, born 24 June 1903 in Balmain, NSW, died 30 October 1986. Full name was Francis Joseph Spillane.
- Jack Spillane, born 5 October 1908 in Petersham, NSW, died 23 August 1988. Full name was John Bernard Spillane.
-- Frank and Jack Spillane were brothers. They were also first cousins, once removed of J. J. Giltinan.
-- It might make sense to create a profile for Giltinan (even though he was never a player or coach) just to document this family connection? We could add a bio for Giltinan in the future.
-- If so, his details are: born 30 August 1866 in Sydney, NSW, died 6 September 1950. Full name was James Joseph Giltinan.

- R Frew was Rupert Frew, born 27 September 1912 in Forbes, NSW, died 16 November 1976. Full name was Rupert Lindsay Frew.
- Francis Lions, born 30 November 1901 in Perth, WA, died 13 March 1972. He is the same person as F Lyons who played for University in 1922.
- Dick Lynch, born 9 May 1912 in Chatswood, NSW, died 14 October 2003. Full name was Richard Charles Lynch. He was a nephew of Charlie Lynch.
- H Milligan was Herbert Milligan, born 6 April 1911 in Waverley, NSW, died 2 April 1956. Full name was Thomas Herbert Milligan.
- Tom Monaghan, born 26 November 1904 in Port Macquarie, NSW, died 10 October 1988. Full name was Thomas Patrick Monaghan.
- Ray Morris' full name was Ray Benjamin Morris.


Thanks again Max. I have updated all and have added a profile for JJ Giltinan.

Also fixed Frank O'Rourke games I found the Balmain player in 1921/22 is Jimmy O'Rourke.

Max Turner

- Francis Lions is the same person as F Lyons, with Lions being the correct spelling (1, 2).
- Also, Frank O'Rourke's birthplace is currently listed as Moranbah, Queensland due to Morpeth (near Maitland, NSW) not being in the database.

- Noel Behl, born 30 January 1908 in Eden, NSW, died 23 April 1977. Full name was Noel Sherd Behl.
- University's Laurie Doran should be Leo Doran (3). Born 7 October 1907 in Gosford, NSW, died 5 December 1976. Full name was Leo Francis Doran.
- Jack Fay was born in Randwick, NSW. Full name was John Patrick Fay.
- Jim Hinchley should be Jim Hinchey (4). Born 9 January 1911 in Paddington, NSW, died 30 May 1990. Full name was James Frederick Hinchey.
- Sid Mannix, born 13 July 1910 in Paddington, NSW, died 2 May 1986. Full name was Sydney Edward Mannix. His nickname was Bluey.
- L Powell was Lachlan Powell, born 11 February 1900 in Paddington, NSW, died 21 December 1954. Full name was Lachlan Sinclair Powell.
- Cec Rubie, born 29 March 1909 in Coogee, NSW, died 27 December 1978. Full name was Cecil Edward Henning Rubie.
- Jim Smythe's surname should be Smyth (5, 6), but was often reported as Smythe. Born 14 August 1908 in Lismore, NSW, died 12 May 2000. Full name was Kenneth James Smyth.
- Jack Thom, born 18 October 1908 in West Wyalong, NSW, died 3 October 1993.
- It appears J Wherret should be spelled Wherrett, but I haven't been able to identify him (yet). Being an uncommon spelling, I think I've found the family he belongs to but I couldn't find anyone with a 'J' name. Several people in this family attended the University.

- John Bassetti, born 9 October 1903 in Port Hacking, Sydney, NSW, died 29 September 1956. Full name was John Angelo Bassetti.
- Greg Bondietti, born 2 June 1905 in Redfern, NSW, died 11 March 1967. Full name was Gregory Bondietti.
- H McLoskey was Henry McLoskey, born 6 February 1897 in Sydney, NSW, died 17 May 1973. Full name was Henry Louis McLoskey.
- Alby Lane, born 21 March 1904 in Balmain, NSW, died 8 September 1982. Full name was Albert Stephen Lane.
- Dick O'Brien, born 17 February 1903 in Paddington, NSW, died 25 August 1978. Full name was Richard Ignatius O'Brien.
- D Ochert was David Ochert, born 25 March 1916 in Sydney, NSW.
- Edward Wynter, born 11 August 1904 in Taree, NSW, died 16 August 1974. Full name was Edward James Collins Wynter.
- He was the brother of D Wynter, who was Dally Wynter. Born 29 May 1900 in Taree, NSW, died 13 September 1980. Full name was Delamore Manning Wynter.


All updated I have fixed Francis Lions and corrected Frank O'Rourke. Thanks again Max.

Max Turner

- Anthony Blomgren, born 22 November 1915 in Newtown, NSW, and died 26 July 1984. Full name was Anthony James Blomgren, and his nickname was Tony.
- From what I can find, Herb Bowen was mostly known as Bert Bowen (three uses of this name in Rugby League News and on his grave). Born 4 October 1917 in Tingha, NSW, died 25 April 2001. Full name was Herbert Walter James Bowen. He was the father of Grahame Bowen. Also, the grandfather of Wallaby Scott Bowen.
- Fred Homer, born 31 May 1917 in Petersham, NSW, died 3 January 1990. Full name was Frederick Thomas Homer.
- Ernest Ritchie, born 11 February 1917 in Waverley, NSW, died 9 April 1976.
- Reg Rowley, born 20 August 1914 in Mudgee, NSW, died 2 June 1960. Full name was Noel Reginald Rowley.
- Charles Rowley, born 12 October 1906 in Rylstone, NSW, died 18 September 1985. Full name was Charles Dunford Rowley.
- Reg and Charles Rowley were brothers.

- Jack Rubinson, born 24 January 1917 in Rozelle, NSW, died 12 December 1994. Full name was John Long Rubinson.
- John Sharples, born 10 February 1917 in Redfern, NSW, died 7 September 2007. Full name was John Edward Sharples.
- Jim Staines, born 28 April 1912 in Emmaville (Glen Innes), NSW, died 23 June 1992. Full name was James Wilfred Staines.
- Edwin Barker should be Edmund Barker, born 30 March 1914 in Sydney, NSW, died 19 November 1989. Full name was Edmund Nathaniel Barker.
- Cecil Inch, born 31 January 1918 in Paddington, NSW, died 23 November 2009.
- Frank Learmonth's DOB should be 21 June 1914 instead of the 12th.
- Michael Moran's nickname was Mick.
- Keith Pettiford was born on 15 February 1915.

- Jim Dunworth, born 7 July 1898 in Marrickville, NSW, died 9 August 1994. Full name was James Dominic Dunworth.
- Robert Dunworth, born 10 March 1896 in Marrickville, NSW, died 23 June 1981. Full name was Robert Aloysius Dunworth.
- Jim and Robert Dunworth were brothers. Their brother-in-law was Frank O'Rourke.
- Les Halberstater, born 9 August 1901 in Mount Morgan, QLD, died on 28 August 1988. Full name was Leslie Halberstater.
- Jim McMenamin, born 1910 in Paddington, NSW, died 13 August 2000. Full name was James Hugh McMenamin.
- Crawford Munro, born 23 March 1904 in Toowoomba, QLD, died 21 September 1976. Full name was Crawford Hugh Munro.
- J McNeill should be Jock MacNeill. Born 29 August 1911 in Glasgow, Scotland, died 8 August 1979. Full name was John Robb MacNeill.
- Horace Moxon was born in Wattle Flat (Bathurst), NSW.
- Maurice Unwin, born 15 May 1901 in Inverell, NSW, died 19 August 1969. Full name was Maurice Leslie Unwin.