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Edward Brown details and family

Started by Max Turner, 09 May, 2024, 07:17:35 PM

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Max Turner

→ Edwin Brown's full name should be Edward Stanley Leech Brown, as listed on his birth, marriage, and death records, and also in electoral rolls.

Other than his nickname 'N*gger' (which seems to have been removed from the site at some point), it appears he was known as Eddie. He was listed as Edwin on the NRL and QRL websites, though I'm not sure of the reasoning behind that.

His WWI service file uses the spellling 'Leitch' for his middle name, which is potentially the original spelling of his grandmother's maiden name, but that seems to have changed through the generations and the 'Leech' spelling is most common for him.

→ Eddie was the father of Russell Brown. Russell was born 12 January 1931, and died 4 December 2005. His full name was Russell Stanley Joseph Brown.

→ Eddie's brother-in-law and Russell's uncle was Harry Sunderland, rugby league administrator and journalist. He doesn't currently have a profile on the site, but FYI, Harry's details are: born 23 November 1889 in Gympie, QLD, died 15 January 1964.


I have updated the Brown's, I have also created a profile for Harry Sunderland and added the family links.

Max Turner

Thanks Greg. Do you mind checking Whiticker's books for whether he is listed as Edwin or Edward?  He seems to be called Edward in news articles during the controversy about the grandstand in the 2000s, which is what I think his name should be.


He is not in Whiticker's books as he never played in Sydney however he is listed as Edward in Ian Collis' A to Z book of players sorry I missed you had him as Edward and I left as Edwin but I have fixed now.