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Gold Coast Seagulls v Illawarra Chris Cunningham Field 1990 Part 2

Started by Paul Carter, 08 July, 2015, 11:59:39 AM

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Paul Carter

Sorry to point this out. Also to in regards to this game between the Gold Coast Seagulls and Illawarra at Chris Cunningham Field in 1990.
-I notice for Gold Coast Seagulls. That you have Keith Neller Wearing No. 14, Tony Durheim Wearing No. 15, Geoff Bagnall Wearing No. 16 and Danny Sharpe Wearing No. 17.
-I also notice for Illawarra. That you have Brett Jones Wearing No. 14, John Simon Wearing No. 15 and Dean Hanson Wearing No. 16.
-These are the Numbers all those players Wore when they came off the Bench for the Gold Coast Seagulls and Illawarra in that game.
-For the Gold Coast Seagulls. Neller Wore No. 27, Durheim Wore No. 26, Bagnall Wore No. 20 while Sharpe Wore No. 14.
-While for Illawarra. Jones Wore No. 40, Simon Wore No. 41 and Hanson Wore No. 24.