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Brisbane v St George Lang Park July 20, 1991 Part 1

Started by Paul Carter, 11 July, 2015, 05:19:47 PM

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Paul Carter

I just thought I would let you know. In the game between Brisbane and St George at Lang Park on July 20, 1991.
-Brisbane Lead 18-16 at Halftime.
-The Game was a 3:05 pm Start.
-Sorry to point this out. I notice that you have Graeme West down as the Referee for this game.
-Graeme West didn't Referee this game.
-Eddie Ward was the Referee of this game instead of Graeme West.
-I also notice that you have the Penalties in that game being 5-4 St George's way.
-The Penalties in that game were actually 5-4 Brisbane's way.