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Balmain Tigers vs Brisbane Broncos 1991 Rd 9 Leichhardt Oval

Started by AJ Lucantonio, 06 February, 2018, 09:12:23 PM

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AJ Lucantonio

Team Alterations


David Anderson wore 15 instead of 5
Steve Roach wore 8 instead of 10
Gary Mcfarlane wore 10 instead of 8
John Elias wore 12 instead of 11
Grant Izzard wore 13 instead of 12
Craig Sloane wore 26 instead of 13
David Brooks wore 40 instead of 14


Dale Shearer wore 40 instead of 14
Terry Matterson wore 41 instead of 15

Game Notes

This Match kicked off at 3:00pm
Brian Smith was Channel 10 Brisbane's Man of the Match
Ben Elias was Balmain Captain and Gene Miles was Brisbane Captain

Paul Carter

Also to in regards to this game between the Balmain Tigers and Brisbane Broncos at Leichhardt Oval in Round 9 1991.
-That Balmain Lead 14-4 at Halftime.