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Round 2 1983 Penrith V Canterbury

Started by Ted Baxter, 27 September, 2022, 09:29:15 PM

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Ted Baxter

Goals - Armstrong kicked 5/5

Player numbers in the starting lineups are correct. The replacements were numbered:

Pen: 14. Paul Younane, 15. Matt Goodwin, 16. Mike Smith, 17. Lew zivanovic.

CB: 14. Jim Leis, 17. Mick Pitman, 24. Peter Mortimer, 28. Ross Conlon.

Source: DVD of the game.

Paul Carter

Also just a note from this Round 2 game between Penrith and Canterbury from 1983.
-Towards the end of this game. Chris Houghton changed over from Jumper No. 4 to Jumper No. 8.