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Cronulla v Balmain Endeavour Field July 5, 1970

Started by Paul Carter, 25 November, 2022, 01:18:36 PM

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Paul Carter

I just thought I would let you know. In the game between Cronulla and Balmain at Endeavour Field on July 5, 1970.
-That Cronulla Lead 13-6 at Halftime.
-The Scrums were 17-16 Cronulla's way.
-The Penalties were 12-11 Cronulla's way.
These are the Teams from that game.
Cronulla: Greg Pierce, Ray Corcoran, Paul Taylor, John Taper, Peter Howard, Kevin Hogan, Tommy Bishop (Captain), Lock: Chris Wellman, Second-Row: John Maguire, Dave Cooper, Front-Row: George Taylforth, Mick Souter, Hooker: Ron Turner.
-Taylor Wore No. 3. Taper Wore No. 21. When they both played Centre for Cronulla in that game.
Balmain: Bob Smithies, George Ruebner, Hal Browne, Olaf Prattl, Paul Cross, Peter Fardell, Terry Parker, Lock: John Spencer, Second-Row: Geoff Connell, Joe Walsh, Front-Row: Barry McTaggart, Garry Leo, Hooker: Peter Boulton.
-Ruebner Wore No. 2. Cross Wore No. 15. When they both played Winger for Balmain in that game.
-Browne Wore No. 16. Prattl Wore No. 4. When they both played Centre for Balmain in that game.
-Fardell Wore No. 19. When he played Five-Eigth for Balmain in that game.
-Parker Wore No. 3. When he played Halfback for Balmain in that game.
-Connell Wore No. 23. Walsh Wore No. 10. When they both played Second-Row for Balmain in that game.