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Details for recently added reserve grade players

Started by Max Turner, 16 January, 2023, 09:34:23 PM

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Max Turner

- Kauri Aupouri-Puketapu was born 28 March 1995 in Palmerston North, NZ.
- Cleveland McGhie was born 16 January 1996.
- Jacob Gagai was born 20 December 1995 in Mackay, Qld. He is the brother of Dane Gagai.
- Ezra Howe was was born 20 October 1995 in Rarotonga, Cook Islands.
- Samsen O'Neill was born 3 November 1994 in Townsville. He is the brother of Justin O'Neill
- Ratu Tuisese was born 18 June 1996 in Suva, Fiji. Full name is Ratu Emori Tuisese Jnr.
- Jeremiah and Jedidiah Simbiken are brothers. Some of Jedidiah's 2022 games for the Capras are incorrectly listed on Jeremiah's profile.
- Jack Williams (FE/HB for Newtown and most recently Parramatta) was born 28 Jan 1997 in Sydney, NSW. He is known as Jack A Williams, and he is the grandson of Reg Gasnier.
- Jesse Parahi was born 29 July 1989 in Campsie, NSW.
- Matt Soper-Lawler was born 7 August 1996 in Newcastle, NSW.
- Jeral Skelton was born 8 April 1999 in Redcliffe.
- Toa Mata'afa was born 7 April 1997 in Auckland.
- Jay Florimo was born 28 April 1990. He is the son of Greg Florimo.
- Zane Bijorac was born 15 February 2001 in Queanbeyan.
- Ray Jankovic is the same person as Rajko Janković.
- Lorenzo Mulitalo was born 17 November 1999 in Auckland. He is the brother of Ronaldo Mulitalo.
- Teli Taktikos and Aristoteli Taktikos is the same person. Aristoteli is his full given name. He was born 23 April 1997.
- Marc Zaurrini was born 30 June 2000 in Sydney.
- Chaise Spyroulias is the same person as Chaise Robinson.
- Ruatapu Ngatikaura was born 27 May 2000 in Campbelltown, NSW.
- Jake Kamire was born 7 June 1995 in Canterbury, NSW.
- Sam Clune was born 24 June 1992 in Bathurst.
- Watson Heleta was born 29 July 1995.
- Petero Nakubuwai is the same person as Ben Nakubuwai. He is better known as Ben.
- Keith Titmuss died 23 November 2020. His full name was Keith Leslie Titmuss.
- The Luke Gale who played for St George Illawarra and Wynnum was born 24 August 1999 in Sydney. He is not the same person as the as the Super League player of the same name.
- The Matthew Nicholson playing for St George Illawarra is a different player from the player in the UK. The DOB on the profile (18 July 2003) is for the UK player.
- Dean Blore was born 29 September 1998 in Sydney. He is the brother of Shawn Blore.
- Reed Izzard was born 15 April 1997 in Sydney. He is the son of Craig Izzard, and nephew of Grant and Brad Izzard.
- Mitch Revell was born 15 October 1998 in Toowoomba.
- Jamon Wormleaton was born 24 September 1997 in Sydney.
- Liam Coleman was born 19 August 1996 in Sydney.
- Brendan Hands was born 2 December 1999.
- Josh Hall was born 3 April 1990.
- Richard Munchow was born 28 January 1997 in Hervey Bay.
- Thompson Tuigamala should be Thomson. He was born 10 May 1996 in Auckland.
- Brendan Attwood was born 24 April 1994.
- Edward Aiono was born 5 March 1994.
- Mavrik Geyer was born 5 January 2001 in Penrith. He is the son of Mark Geyer, and nephew of Matt Geyer, Peter Sheils, and Greg and Ben Alexander.
- Niwhai Puru was born 7 February 2002 in Blacktown, NSW. He is the brother of Hohepa Puru.
- Atonio Pelesasa was born 21 January 1994.
- Jarrod Brackenhofer was born 16 September 1994.
- William Fakatoumafi was born 25 January 2001 in NZ.
- Preston Riki was born 24 March 1998 in Rawene, NZ.
- Rodney Coates was born 7 September 1992.
- Maliko Filino was born 26 September 1995 in Samoa.
- Thomas Jenkins was born 16 March 2001 in Boorowa, NSW.

Paul Carter

Also to in regards to Liam Coleman.
-Liam Coleman is Craig Coleman's Son.

Max Turner

- The Parramatta and Tweed Heads player Ryan Jones is a different person to the Philippines player. The Parramatta and Tweed Heads player was born in 2001.
- The Parramatta/Wentworthville, Mounties and Newtown Rhys Davies is a different person to the Welsh Rhys Davies. The Australian lower grades player was born 29 July 1996 in Sydney.
- Karl Oloapu was born 18 January 2005 in Wellington, NZ.
- Jahream Bula was born 30 January 2002 in Auckland.
- Samuela Fainu was born 12 January 2004 in Guildford, NSW.
- Latu Fainu was born 28 May 2005 in Guildford, NSW.
- Manase, Sione, Samuela, and Latu Fainu are brothers.
- Thomas Cant was born 13 June 2002 in East Maitland, NSW.
- Jack Bostock was born 28 August 2003 in Figtree, NSW.
- Toby Couchman was born 16 September 2003.
- Kurt Donoghoe was born 30 November 2001 in Newcastle, NSW.
- Kulikefu Finefeuiaki was born 21 December 2003 in Auckland.
- Keano Kini was born 14 April 2004 in Auckland.
- Ryan Rivett was born 2 May 2002 in Gosford, NSW.
- Demitric Sifakula was born 15 March 2004 in Auckland.
- Chris Patolo was born in Sydney.
- Jackson Topine was born in Auckland.
- Declan Casey was born in Sutherland, NSW.
- Bailey Biondi-Odo was born in Mount Isa, Qld.
- Junior Tupou was born in Auckland.
- Jayden Campbell was born in Cronulla, NSW.
- Iszac Fa'asuamaleaui was born in Brisbane.
- Alofiana Khan-Pereira was born in Lismore, NSW.
- Aaron Schoupp was born in Wollongong, NSW.
- Ben Trbojevic was born in Sydney.
- Josh Schuster was born in Sydney.
- Xavier Savage was born in Cairns.
- James Schiller was born in Young, NSW.
- Adrian Trevilyan was born in Townsville.
- Reece Walsh was born in Southport, Qld.
- Jock Madden was born in Scone, NSW.
- Jaiyden Hunt was born in Brisbane.
- Alec MacDonald was born in Auckland.
- Jesse Colquhoun was born in Wollongong.
- Thomas Hazelton was born in Goulburn.
- Ben Thomas was born in Central Coast, NSW.
- Egan Butcher was born in Sydney.
- Fletcher Baker was born in Muswellbrook.
- Jirah Momoisea was born in Auckland.
- Bailey Hodgson was born in Hull, England.
- Jack Skelton is listed in the 2023 NRL squad for Canterbury, but this should be Jeral Skelton.