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Newtown v Manly SCG April 29, 1970

Started by Paul Carter, 20 January, 2023, 03:47:18 PM

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Paul Carter

I just thought I would let you know. In the game between Newtown and Manly at the Sydney Cricket Ground on April 29, 1970.
-That Manly Lead 5-3 at Halftime.
-The Scrums were 17-14 Manly's way.
-The Penalties were 9-7 Newtown's way.
-John Bonham Kicked 0 Goals From 4 Attempts.
These are the Teams from that game.
Newtown: Alan Maddalena, Les Bell, Brian Moore, Ron Fogarty, Dave Barsley, Bob Keyes (Captain), John Bonham, Lock: Bob Carnegie, Second-Row: Charlie Renilson, Col Casey, Front-Row: Oscar Danielson, Joe Vasta, Hooker: Doug Kemister.
Manly: Bob Batty, Derek Moritz, George McTaggart, Terry Randall, Danny Gough, Rob Cameron, Dennis Ward, Lock: Bill Bradstreet, Second-Row: John Morgan, Allan Thomson, Front-Row: Norm Pounder, Bill Hamilton, Hooker: Fred Jones (Captain).
-McTaggart Wore No. 16. Randall Wore No. 4. When they both played Centre for Manly in that game.
-Cameron Wore No. 8. When he played Five-Eigth for Manly in that game.
-Bradstreet Wore No. 21. When he played Lock for Manly in that game.