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Parramatta v Penrith Parramatta Stadium March 14, 1998

Started by Paul Carter, 05 March, 2023, 10:15:19 AM

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Paul Carter

Sorry to point this out. I notice for the game between Parramatta and Penrith at Parramatta Stadium on March 14, 1998.
-That you have the Scrums in that game being 6-4 Penrith's way.
-The Scrums in that game were actually 11-4 Parramatta's way.
-You also have Penrith Receiving 10 Penalties in that game.
-Penrith actually Received 6 Penalties in that game. Not 10.
-Also for Parramatta. You have Karl Lovell Wearing No. 14. Nathan Cayless Wearing No. 15. Brett Horsnell Wearing No. 16. David Penna Wearing No. 17.
-While for Penrith. You have David Woods Wearing No. 4. Ryan Girdler Wearing No. 6. Tony Puletua Wearing No. 10. Darren Brown Wearing No. 14. Mark Geyer Wearing No. 15. Craig Wise Wearing No. 16. Duncan MacGillivray Wearing No. 17.
-These are the Numbers all those Players Wore for Parramatta and Penrith in that game.
-Lovell Wore No. 15. Cayless Wore No. 16. Horsnell Wore No. 17. Penna Wore No. 18. When they all came off the Bench for Parramatta in that game.
-Woods Wore No. 17. When he played Centre for Penrith in that game.
-Girdler Wore No. 3. When he played Five-Eigth for Penrith in that game.
-Puletua Wore No. 14. When he played Front-Row for Penrith in that game.
-Brown Wore No. 16. Geyer Wore No. 18. Wise Wore No. 19. MacGillivray Wore No. 15. When they all came off the Bench for Penrith in that game.
-Also refer to roofromoz post from September 8, 2021. In regards to Starting Time from this game as well.