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South Sydney v Cronulla Redfern Oval August 10, 1975

Started by Paul Carter, 11 March, 2023, 07:42:59 AM

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Paul Carter

I just thought I would let you know. In the game between South Sydney and Cronulla at Redfern Oval on August 10, 1975.
-That the game was a 3:00 pm start.
-Ken Stewart also came off the Bench for South Sydney in that game.
-Stewart Wore No. 25. When he came off the Bench for South Sydney in that game.
-Sorry to point this out. I notice that you have Bill Moore coming off the Bench for South Sydney in that game.
-Bill Moore did not play in that game.
-I gather you went off the information I gave a while back. The reason why I did. I went off the Daily Telegraph match report of that game from from Monday, August 11, 1975. Which made of mention of Moore coming on as a Replacement in that game. But looking at that now I believe that was a mistake.
-Because at this website about South Sydney. Moore is not listed in the South Sydney team for this game. https://www.ssralmanac.com/mobile/1975/news_19750810.htm
-Moore is also not listed as making an appearance in First Grade for South Sydney at that same website in the South Sydney season summary from 1975. https://www.ssralmanac.com/mobile/1975/player1975.htm
-Also The History of South Sydney by Ian Heads which came out in 1986. Also does not list Moore playing a game in First Grade in 1975 as well.