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Ron Pilon / Robbie Pilon

Started by Ted Baxter, 20 January, 2024, 10:39:55 PM

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Ted Baxter

There seems to have been an error here. It looks like Ron Pilon who played for Balmain & Newtown from 1977-1981 has been combined with Robbie Pilon who I can confirm played for Western Division.


Yes I noticed this a while ago and have been meaning to fix it I can blame Andrew for this one it's been like that for a few years.

I'll try and fix it this week.



I think the Pilon's are now fixed it takes RLP a while to update some changes in the database but finally it now seems right with the exception of the NSW Country coach in the 1987 Panasonic Cup it's still showing Robbie Pilon but should be Ron that should be right in a few days.


Pilon's are now all fixed as players & coaches please let me know if something is not right.


I have confirmed that R Pilon who played for South/West NSW v Easts in the 1959 Country Carnival was Rod Pilon so he has now been updated as well.