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Cronulla v Canberra Endeavour Field March 25, 1984, Bench Numbers

Started by Paul Carter, 02 February, 2024, 07:22:55 PM

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Paul Carter

Sorry to point this out. I notice for the game between Cronulla and Canberra at Endeavour Field on March 25, 1984.
-For Cronulla. You have Michael Porter Wearing No. 14. Craig Borg Wearing No. 15. Mark McGaw Wearing No. 16.
-While for Canberra. You have Terry Fahey Wearing No. 14. John McLeod Wearing No. 15. Jamie Jones Wearing No. 17.
-Porter Wore No. 17. Borg Wore No. 16. McGaw Wore No. 14. When they all came off the Bench for Cronulla in that game.
-Fahey Wore No. 15. McLeod Wore No. 24. Jones Wore No. 20. When they all came off the Bench for Canberra in that game as well.