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Incorrect details for current NRL/SL players

Started by Max Turner, 12 February, 2024, 08:10:42 PM

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Max Turner

Just a few corrections for errors which originated from the profiles. Some of the errors persist on these profiles so explainations have been provided.

• Brendan Hands' DOB should be 12 February 1999 (12/02/1999) instead of 02/12/1999.
↪ This just come up on my FB feed. His FB profile going back several years confirms his DOB.

• Max King was born in Huddersfield, England, not Newcastle, NSW. His full name is Maxwell David King.
↪ His profile now says Maitland, NSW, but King confirms in this article that he was born in Huddersfield while his father was playing for that club. He also appears in the England Birth Index.

• Liam Horne's DOB should be 3 February 1998 instead of 1997. His full name is Liam Shandy Robert Horne.
↪ 1997 is still commonly reported, but the PNG Birth Index lists 1998. states that he played for Norths Devils u18s in 2016 and u20s in 2018, which he should not have been eligible to do had he been born in 1997.

• Jacob Alick's DOB should be 3 November 1999 instead of 11 March.
↪ Confirmed by social media posts.
• Kayal Iro's DOB should be 20 February 2000 instead of 2002.
↪ From the England Birth Index.
• Isaiya Katoa's DOB should be 18 February 2004 instead of August.
• Renouf Atoni's DOB should be 25 June 1995 instead of the 26th.