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Parramatta v Balmain Parramatta Stadium May 10, 1997

Started by Paul Carter, 29 March, 2024, 10:48:01 AM

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Paul Carter

I just thought I would let you know. In the game between Parramatta and Balmain at Parramatta Stadium on May 10, 1997.
-That Balmain Lead 8-6 at Halftime.
-Tim Brasher was Sent to the Sin Bin for 10 Minutes.
-Sorry to point this out. I notice in that game for Parramatta. That you have Brett Horsnell Wearing No. 12. Justin Morgan Wearing No. 14. Nathan Koina Wearing No. 15. Steve Collins Wearing No. 16. Nathan Barnes Wearing No. 17.
-Also for Balmain. You have Chris McPherson Wearing No. 14. Asa Milford Wearing No. 15. Mark O'Neill Wearing No. 16.
-Horsnell Wore No. 15. When he played Second-Row for Parramatta in that game.
-Morgan Wore No. 17. Koina Wore No. 16. Collins Wore No. 14. Barnes Wore No. 20. When they all came off the Bench for Parramatta in that game.
-McPherson Wore No. 16. Milford Wore No. 30. O'Neill Wore No. 14. When they all came off the Bench for Balmain in that game.
-Brasher being Sent to the Sin Bin in this game. Was not listed underneath the teams and scorers for this game. In the NRL Rugby League 1998 Yearbook. It was however mentioned in the summary of games from that Round in that Yearbook.
-My Source in regards to Brasher being to the Sin Bin in this game.
-I just watched edited highlights of this game on https://www.youtube.com/   On NRL Throwback