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1935 Balmain players

Started by Max Turner, 23 March, 2024, 06:26:28 PM

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Max Turner

- Bill Alexander was born in Balmain, NSW, and died on 26 June 1993. His full name was William Henry Alexander.
- Bill Ballard was born 18 March 1907 in Marrickville, NSW, and died on 11 April 1960. His full name was William Clarence Henry Ballard.
- Edmund Beaver's full name was Edmund Francis Beaver. He was born in Cobar, NSW and died on 21 July 1993.
- George Bishop died on 1 May 1972.
- Some minor corrections for Syd Christensen: His full name was Sydney Henry Albert Christensen and he was born in Glebe, NSW. Also, he was the uncle of Ted Brennan.
- Stephen Cooper was born 21 January 1913 in West Wyalong, NSW, and died on 29 June 1961. His full name was Stephen William Cooper.
- George Frankland was born 19 June 1906 in Balmain, NSW, and died on 17 October 1988. His full name was George Broughton Frankland, and his nickname was Pudden.
- Sid Goodwin was born in Balmain, NSW. He died on 24 March 1980.
- Frank Griffiths was born in Geelong, Vic.
- Francis Horth should be Frank Horth. His full name was Frank Edmund Horth. He was born 4 March 1910 in East Hills, Sydney, NSW, and died on 2 July 1975. [NB: Nearest location currently on the site for birthplace is Canterbury, NSW, where his birth was registered].
- Ern Latta's full name was Ernest Frederick Latta. He was born 13 July 1912 in Balmain, NSW, and died on 26 August 1979.
- Michael Pace's full name was Michael Henry Pace. He was born in Senglea, Malta, and died on 26 October 1960.
- Jack Redman was born in Canterbury, NSW, and died on 5 July 1945. His full name was John Robert Walter Redman.
- Gordon Sykes was born 7 September 1912 in Haberfield, Sydney, NSW, and died on 28 July 1995. His full name was Gordon Harold Sykes. [NB: Somehow there are no Haberfield births already on the site. In the meantime, his birth was registered in Ashfield, NSW.]
- Bill Williams was born 9 May 1909 in Balmain, NSW, and died on 16 July 1988. His full name was William Joseph Williams.
- Herbert Woodbry was born 5 March 1908 in Tenterfield, NSW, and died on 3 October 1987. His full name was Herbert Edward Woodbry, and his nickname was Bert.
- H Wright is listed as such in teamlists but he is referred to by his nickname Mick in articles (see here, and other mentions here and here). He was born 20 November 1911 in Petersham, NSW, and died on 2 October 1983. Mick's full name was Harold Alfred Wright.

And just a comment on Bill Williams, I think the 1937 NSW Firsts appearance vs Clarence River should be Bert Williams, who was playing for Bombala at that time. B. Williams of Bombala was selected as a reserve for the preceding match against Queensland, and The Sun reported that B. Williams played in the second-row against Clarence River. The confusion here probably also coming from the fact that Bill was typically a second-rower and Bert a centre.


All updated, you are correct with Bert Williams he was in the NSW team that went to Qld not Bill Williams so I have fixed that as well.

Ted Baxter

I had this as Mick as well due to the last attachment you listed.