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Missing birthplaces for current NRL players

Started by Max Turner, 10 March, 2024, 11:06:17 PM

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Max Turner

I'm guessing when the DOBs for these players were added to the site, their profiles didn't contain their birthplaces.

- Tallis Duncan was born in Wollongong, NSW
- Jacob Gagai was born in Mackay, Qld
- Dean Hawkins was born in Randwick, NSW
- Jesse Marshke and Benjamin Marschke were born in Bundaberg, Qld. They are brothers
- Bailey Hodgson was born in Hull, England. He is the nephew of Josh Hodgson
- Aitasi James was born in Auckland, NZ
- Egan Butcher's DOB should be 5 August 2000 in Sydney, NSW (05/08/2000 instead of 08/05/2000, per his and Roosters' Facebook pages)
- Zac Saddler was born in Bathurst, NSW
- Sandon Smith was born in Gosford, NSW
- Tallyn Da Silva was born in Campbelltown, NSW
- Junior Tupou was born in Auckland, NZ
- Fletcher Baker was born in Muswellbrook, NSW
- Jaiyden Hunt was born in Brisbane, Qld
- Will Pryce was born in Bradford, England. He is the son of Leon Pryce, and nephew of Karl Pryce
- Bailey Biondi-Odo was born in Mount Isa, Qld
- Kitione Kautoga was born in Fiji
- Tyrone Munro was born in Moree, NSW
- Izaac Thompson was born in Auckland, NZ
- Jesse McLean's DOB should be 17 January 2005 in Blacktown, NSW (instead of 2004). He is the brother of Casey McLean. They are nephews of Alex Chan, and cousins of Joe and Tiaki Chan

Max Turner

- Mavrik Geyer was born in Penrith, NSW. He is the son of Mark Geyer, nephew of Matt Geyer, Peter Sheils, Greg Alexander, and Ben Alexander, and cousin of Cole Geyer.
- Benjamin Te Kura's year of birth should be 2004. He was born in Penrith, NSW.
- Blake Steep was born in Port Macquarie, NSW.
- Josiah Karapani was born in Middlemore, NZ.
- Sunia Turuva was born in Auburn, NSW.
- Jamal Shibasaki was born in Townsville, Qld.
- Jaxon Purdue was born in Mackay, Qld.
- Dion Teaupa was born in Liverpool, NSW.
- Chevy Steward was born in Sutherland, NSW.
- David Armstrong was born in Moree, NSW.
- Fletcher Sharpe was born 3 May 2004 in Maitland, NSW.
- Zyon Maiu'u was born in Auckland, NZ.
- Jacob Laban was born in Moto'otua, Samoa.
- Lehi Hopoate was born in Manly, NSW.
- Caleb Navale was born 8 May 2003. He's the son of Fiji's Eparama Navale, and brother of current Blacktown player Eparama Navale (Jnr).
- Matt French was born in Gosford, NSW.
- Jye Gray was born in Liverpool, NSW.
- Liam Le Blanc was born in Ingham, Qld.
- Solomona Faataape was born in Brisbane, Qld.
- Tony Francis was born in Auckland, NZ.
- Josiah Pahulu was born in Auckland, NZ.
- Solomon Alaimalo was born in Auckland, NZ.
- Latu Fainu was born in Guildford, NSW. Latu, Manase, Samuela, and Sione Fainu are brothers. They are nephews of Tevita Amone.
- Lachlan Galvin was born in Campbelltown, NSW.
- Luke Laulilii was born 13 June 2006 in Campbelltown, NSW. Brother of Kit Laulilii.
- Preston Riki was born in Rawene, NZ.
- Tanous Sukkar was born in Randwick, NSW. His nickname is Tony.
- Jordan Miller was born 7 February 2005 in Liverpool, NSW.