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Fred Dodd and Reuben Dodds details

Started by Max Turner, 24 June, 2024, 08:10:34 PM

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Max Turner

All of the games on the profile Sinclair Dodds appear to have been either Fred Dodd or Reuben Dodds. I can't find any games that actually should be attributed to a Sinclair Dodds. I'm not sure where this name originated.

The 1920-22 Newcastle and NSW Country player was Fred Dodd (sometimes misreported as Dodds). 1920 Country Week and Country squad, 1920 vs England, 1922 vs Ipswich, 1922 vs Country. Fred's details are: born 2 September 1895 in Newcastle, NSW, died 20 March 1983. Full name was Frederick John Dodd.

The 1924 Victoria player was Reuben Dodds. His details are: born 9 April 1900 in Invercargill, NZ, died 22 July 1983. Full name was Reuben Fraser Dodds.


Not sure where the name Sinclair came from but my original spreadsheets identified S Dodds as playing for Newcastle and Country in June 1920 that is because most newspapers both Sydney & Newcastle list S Dodds for the country week games & RLN also lists the Country 5/8 as S Dodds for the Metropolis v Country match.

The game on 28 Aug 1920 against England I identified as F Dodds as well as the 1922 games so I'm happy all these are Fred Dodd as there is no consistency in any of the newspapers some say F some say S.

No problem with Reuben Dodds in the Victorian team in 1924 again lots of inconstancy with the name in the newspapers some have S some F but also found one referring to R.F.Dodds.

I've made these changes and update all the details.