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Eastern Suburbs v Canterbury Sydney Football Stadium 1991 Part 2

Started by Paul Carter, 11 July, 2015, 12:11:58 PM

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Paul Carter

Sorry to point this out. Also to in regards to this game between Eastern Suburbs and Canterbury at the Sydney Football Stadium in 1991.
-I notice for Eastern Suburbs. That you have Colin Ward Wearing No. 14, Martin Quinn Wearing No. 15, Rod Silva Wearing No. 16 and Kurt Sherlock Wearing No. 17.
-I also notice for Canterbury. That you have Jamie Corcoran Wearing No. 3, Jason McGrady Wearing No. 14, Sean Skelton Wearing No. 15, Mark Brokenshire Wearing No. 16 and Marty Crequer Wearing No. 17.
-These are the Numbers all those players Wore for Eastern Suburbs and Canterbury in that game.
-Ward Wore No. 44, Quinn Wore No. 45, Silva Wore No. 14 and Sherlock Wore No. 18 when they all came off the Bench for Eastern Suburbs in that game.
-Corcoran Wore No. 17 when he played Centre for Canterbury in that game.
-Jason McGrady Wore No. 30, Skelton Wore No. 22, Brokenshire Wore No. 40 and Crequer Wore No. 14 when they all came off the Bench for Canterbury in that game.