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North Sydney Bears v Brisbane Broncos Rd 9 1993 North Sydney Oval

Started by AJ Lucantonio, 10 April, 2020, 01:57:02 PM

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AJ Lucantonio

Team Changes


Tony Rea was Captain (C)
Gary Larson wore 40
Josh Stuart wore 41
Matt Toshack wore 17


Paul Hauff wore 28
Julian O'Neill wore 1
Willie Morganson wore 3
Keiran Meyer wore 19
Trevor Gillmeister wore 11
John Plath wore 9
Peter Ryan wore 27
Darren Plowman wore 25



Paul Carter

Also to in regards to this game between the North Sydney Bears and Brisbane Broncos at North Sydney Oval in Round 9 1993.
-The North Sydney Bears Lead 16-12 at Halftime.